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What's possible with custom design at All That Glitters?

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Ever had an idea for a piece of jewelry that commemorates a time, place, person, animal that you cherish? Those ideas take shape here at All That Glitters. Say hello to Reiko! A long-time customer of ours had an idea to surprise his wife with a Pandora-sized custom charm of their beautiful rescue dog Reiko (who's as sweet as she is pretty). So, from a few of the pictures seen in this post, our goldsmith Steve turned that idea into a Christmas gift that will never be forgotten. Completely made from scratch, he sculpted a wax given the photos, created in Silver and enameled the detail. It turned out incredible. The level of detail and accuracy found in something of this scale is a real testament to the skill of Steve. And, the little personal touches (the collar with Reiko's name, the overall accuracy) illustrate the value of having a personal connection to the person who makes something for you. This is art. This is the fruition of an idea that commemorates something special. This is something that will be cherished forever. That's what we are all about. What can we do for you?